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The Influence of Joshua Kimmich’s Mentors

Joshua Kimmich has had a number of mentors throughout elife77 his career who have helped shape him and influence his playing style. His first mentor was Bayern Munich II manager, Udo Bassemir. Bassemir gave Kimmich his first professional debut in 2013 and subsequently helped him to develop his skills and technique. Kimmich’s second mentor was Pep Guardiola, the former manager of Bayern Munich. Guardiola was instrumental in helping Kimmich to become a more consistent and shillongmorningteer2.com reliable player and focus on his defensive skills. Guardiola also helped Kimmich to develop his ability to read the game, which has since become a hallmark of his style of play. Kimmich’s third and most influential mentor has been Joachim Löw, the current German national itapetinganamidia.com  team manager. Löw recognised Kimmich’s potential early on and gave him his first international call-up in
1. Löw has since helped Kimmich to become a more mature and experienced player, helping him to develop his tactical awareness and positional play. Ultimately, the influence of Kimmich’s mentors has been instrumental in helping him to become one of the most successful triunfostereo.com players in modern football. He has become a world-class defender and leader, who is now one of the most important players in the German national team.


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